Otherwise known as the great "Ice Citadel", Zaranesh is the capital city of the Mekor race. It lies in the continent of Neotar.

Xianec is a city in the mid south region of Khlem. It lies at the northernmost tip of The Great Bahazid Desert and is bordered on the east and west by the tips of the u-shaped mountain ranges known as The Cradle, because the Bahzaid desert is cradled inside the 'U' shape. To the north of the city are a series of dunes and semi-arid plains that eventually give way to grassland. This in turn gives way to The Rainforests of Fey-Mal near the planet's equator. There are two main city gates. The North Gate is the main source of trade, stretching through the sand dunes to the north, through the Fey-Mal rainforest, and terminating at the marble city of Jarus. This large route feeds many roads leading to other cities throughout Khlem, the most travelled of which is the road to the city of Limatula - a sea port on the south-western coast of Khlem.

Law and Politics

The city is ruled by an overlord known as the Sutaran. The Sutaran's rule is law and power is handed down from father to son. The only way for a woman to become Sutaran is for her to have no brothers. The only way for a man who is not of direct blood to become Sutaran is to marry the Sutaran if she is a woman, or the daughter of the current Sutaran if he is a man. The current Sutaran of the city is Ardashir Beham Xianec. He is a handsome man with a mercurial and temperamental personality. He is given to bouts of generosity as well as wild tempers. He can be extremely cruel to those that cross him. The palace of the Sutaran lies at the heart of the city and is made up of vast interconnecting domes. Only the chosen may enter the palace of the Sutaran.

Places of Interest

The Palace of The Sutaran

The Airee

The Temple of Aquatica

The Temple of Bastet

The House of the Black Rose

The Dungeons

The Eye of Imollata

The Opal Massage House

The Scarab Massage House