The Talechet are a species native to the great north western mountains of Khlem. They are an insectoid species living in large colonies or hives carved out of the mountain rock. They rarely venture from their caves, except when it is necessary for war or trade.


The average Talechet resembles a cross between a wingless fly and a giant ant. They are between four and five feet tall and walk on two pairs of hairy limbs. Another pair of limbs end in grasping appendages that serve as their arms. Their heads have no eyes, instead they have a pair of antennae that are very sensitive to movement and vibration. They communicate by making high-octave "chirps" achieved by rapidly vibrating the hairs on their bodies.

The Talechet feed by the use of a long needle-like proboscis that protrudes from their head. They stick this into live prey, drinking up the creature's blood and internal juices. They are also fond of sugar dissolved in water and can become drunk after consuming this treat.

The Talechet have chitinous bodies that gives them plate-like armour protection. The best way to defeat one in combat is to get it to expose its soft underbelly. They breathe through a series of micro holes on the surface of their bodies and for this reason they are especially vulnerable to poisonous gasses and would quickly drown if placed under water.

The average Talechet lives for about two hundred to three hundred years. They do not age outwardly merely becoming slower with age. The majority of the species are sexless drones. About 10% of any given hive are fertile breeders who always stay within the hive and live in the Queen's chamber. Every hive has one Queen. She resembles a large maggot, about eight feet long. Immobile and blind her sole purpose is to rule and co-ordinate the hive, and to mate with the breeders. A typical Queen can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.

Culture and Religion

Talechet are highly intelligent beings. They make great architects and engineers.

The Talechet have no religion in the real sense. They worship but one individual - the Queen of their hive. Her word is law. Every Talechet drone lives to do her bidding and a single drone would gladly sacrifice its life at the whim of its queen. Needless to say it is rare to find a Talechet away from its hive but it does happen. Sometimes a drone is born without the instinct to serve its queen. In those cases it is exiled from the hive to either die or live out a solitary life amongst the other races of Nah-Kalia.

The Talechet are an efficient species and waste nothing. When one of them dies it's body is used as food for the Queen's nurseries and its chitinous armor is used as building material for the hive.