Welcome To Nah Khalia

Behold! The vast cities of Jarus and Xianec, splendors of the world of Nah-Kalia. Both cities sit on the vast continent of Khlem, the largest of the four main continents of our world.

Jarus, the great onyx city, sits in the center of the north-western region of the continent. Her spires rise to meet the light of Nadu and Thoth. Celestial brother and sister, they shine their light upon its cobbled streets.

The north and south of Khlem is divided by a vast rainforest, the Fey-Mal, where tribes of the wild Arboria build their tree-villages and often trade with the men and women on either side of the divide.

Further south again lies the marble city of Xianec, situated only a few strides from the start of the wide desert of Bahazid. It keeps watch over the desert basin, keeping the bandits and sand-worms at bay.

Whilst both cities are fair by day, they have a dark side. Thieves roam the streets at night, as do assassins. The most feared of these are the Kagesutōkā. Initiates of Kuraitsukinomusume these wild and beautiful Tsukinokodomotachi women will seduce you with their charms before taking your life.

Welcome, stranger. I hope you enjoy your stay here.