The Mekor are the only sentient species to have managed to make a home in the inhospitable ice continent of Neotar. They tend to build small settlements made up of little buildings known as Forital, or "Ice Houses". The exception to this is their capitol, the city of Zaranesh, which is also called the "Ice Citadel".


Mekor are tall and heavily built. They have a large degree of insulating body fat. They are pale skinned and have long hair which varies from straw coloured to a silvery white. Their bodies are covered in fine white hairs that also act as insulation against the bitter cold. Like the Enxysil, they have an inner eyelid. This helps protect the eye from freezing and from the frequent snow blizzards. Their dark eyes can see further into the ultra-violet spectrum that other races, giving them better night vision, for night near the polar ice cap can sometimes last for moons.

An average Mekor has a life span of about ninety to one hundred and ten years. They are capable of tolerating much lower temperatures than other races. Conversely, heat has a negative effect on them. They become slow and sluggish in hot climates and too much heat would cause them to collapse.

Culture and Religion

The Mekor believe in two deities known as Lom, god of light, and his sister Nix, goddess of darkness. Lom is the most beneficial of the two. He is represented by a homely-faced giant, not entirely unpleasant to look upon, but certainly not handsome. He is, however, both generous and loving. The Mekor pray to Lom as he gives them light, warmth and shelter.

Nix is, conversely, cruel and selfish. She is represented by a beautiful woman. Her skin is white as snow but her hair is black as night. Unlike others of her race her body is entirely hairless. Nix favors only the strong and preys on the weak. Unfortunately it is Nix that has the greatest dealing with the Mekor, since night is more common in Neotar than day. Nix also brings the snow blizzards that can kill the unwary. It is Nix that freezes the land. When the whim takes her, which is often, She removes her only article of clothing, a great white cloak of snow which she lies down upon the land.

Like the Enxysil the Mekor burn their dead. As well as aiding their souls flight to Lom's embrace, the burning of the body is used to generate much needed heat for the family's home.