The continent of Khlem occupies a region of the planet starting around the middle and stretching eastwards. It also extends north and south from the equator.

Khlem's vast size means it is home to a variety of different climates and a wide variety of races.


The Great North Western Mountains

The Great North Western Mountains lie to the North West of Khlem, just beyond the Forest of Kir. The mountains themselves are riddled with interconnecting tunnels and caves, which are home to many Talechet colonies.

The Forest of Kir

The Forest of Kir is a large stretch of temperate forest that lies between The Plains of Adulor and The Great North Western Mountains. It is home of the Kirithor.

The Plains of Adulor

The Plains of Adulor is an area of fertile grassland that leads south from The Forest of Kir to the great onyx city of Jarus. It is home to the Adulon.

The Forest of Fey Mal

At the equator of Nah-Kalia, the continent of Khlem wears a vast stretch of rainforest like a huge green belt. This rainforest is called Fey-Mal and it is believed that all sentient life on Nah-Kalia started here. It is a place of wild and untamed beauty as well as a great variety of plant and animal life.

The most prolific tree native to Fey-Mal is the giant Hullak. The hullak has a thick, tall trunk, dark brown or black in colour. It extends upwards for several hundred feet before fanning out in numerous branches that end in huge bright green leaves. The leaves are large enough and strong enough to house small tree-villages and it is in these villages that tribes of wild Arboria reside.

Much of the forest floor is in semi-darkness due to the high number of trees here. The ground, however, is quite fertile and a large variety of animal species can be found in the lower layers of the forest, including the graceful yet deadly Feylarin.

The rainforest can be a deadly place to the unwary. There are many species of poisonous insects, spiders and snakes here, as well as a few carnivorous plant species.

The South East Swamps

This vast area of swampland lies to the south east of The Rainforests of Fey-Mal. It is home to a species of intelligent two-headed reptiles known as The Grarl.

The Cradle

This large 'U' shaped southern mountain range gets its name because it cradles The Great Bahazid Desert, surrounding the desert on the East, West and South. It is this mountain range that prevents a large amount of rainfall from entering the desert, keeping it arid.

The Great Bahazid Desert

In the mid-southern region of Khlem sits a gigantic crater, several strides in diameter. It is bordered on all sides by a vast, harsh and inhospitable desert known as the Great Bahazid Desert.

There is hardly any rainfall in Bahazid and as such water is a very precious commodity. It is sparsely populated by various nomadic Enxysil tribes who are constantly on the move and who often war with each other. On the northern edges of the desert there are more civilized Enxysil cities, including the vast capital of the south, Xianec.

Despite being an arid place there are many species of plant and animals that manage to survive here. Most are quite small in size and make their homes in dens under the sand during the day, only venturing out at night when the desert cools. A common denizen of the desert is the Ocelia, a small cat-like creature that builds small dug out burrows in the sand and hunts small rodents and insects. The Ocelia have often wandered into Enxysil settlements and cities where they have been kept as pets. Such pets have also been sold to other races throughout Nah-Kalia.

There are a few exceptions to this. The giant sand-worms, known to the Enxysil as the Basudur, are one example. These huge creatures burrow constantly under the sand, waiting for the opportunity to feed. The slightest vibration on the surface of the desert will cause them to rise up out of the sand to devour whatever hapless creature happened to venture nearby.

Another large creature of the desert is the semi-intelligent Vortus. These creatures are actually native to the mountain regions directly bordering the south, east and west of the desert. However, they spend most of their time in the desert itself, hunting the Basudur. The Vortus are large winged lizard-like creatures. The have huge hind legs but no forelimbs. Their mouths are decorated by a wicked array of teeth. Despite being formidable hunters, the Vortus can be easily trained and made docile. The Enxysil use them as winged mounts, and they are large enough to comfortably carry the weight of three large men on their backs.