The Hajida inhabit the small continent of Hajidoria, which lies north of the equator between the continents of Khlem and Tochitsuki. The island is a fertile land mass with a temperate climate and a lot of trees.


An average Hajida is slightly shorter than an Adulon, but taller than an Enxysil. They come in various body shapes, from slim to portly. They have olive skin, and brown or black eyes. Hair colouration varies greatly, but most commonly it is either a shade of light or dark brown, or else it is a reddish colour. Hajida tend to have have aquiline noses and wide eyes that are very slightly closer to the bridge of their noses than other races. This gives them a vaguely hawk like appearance. They tend to have small, flat ears.

An average Hajida has a life span of about one hundred to one hundred and twenty years. They have high constitutions and levels of stamina. This diminishes with age, along with a graying of the hair and a dulling of the eyes.

Culture and Religion

Due to the fact that Hajidoria has an abundance of timber, the Hajida were one of the first races to take to the seas. They are skilled sailors and ship-builders. The Hajida navy is one of the greatest in all Nah-Kalia. Conversely, Hajida pirate vessels are feared amongst all of the seafaring races of Nah-Kalia.

The Hajida worship primarily the sea. They offer sacrifices to the water god Aquaticus before long voyages. Those initiated into the order of Aquaticus are given knowledge of secret rituals intended to control the sea. It is said that such priests have command over the sea and can make waters calm or tempestuous at will.

Hajida, unsurprisingly, bury their dead at sea. The corpse is stripped naked and thrown into the ocean as an offering to Aquaticus.