The Grarl are a species native to the great south eastern swamps of Khlem. They are a tribal species in nature.


The average Grarl resembles a huge two-headed lizard. It stands between seven and eight feet tall on a pair of sturdy hind legs. From its body are two pairs of limbs. The upper pair end in large knife-like bones which are used for combat. The lower pair have hands with two fingers and two opposable thumbs that the Grarl use for grasping.

Both heads of a Grarl look like that of a lizard. They have two brains, one in each head. The brain of the right head controls the right head and the left side of the body. The brain of the left head controls the left head and the right side of the body. Their intellect, personality and memory are shared between both heads. Cutting of one of the heads would result in paralysis of the opposite side of the body, coupled with loss of memory and intellect.

Grarl have scaly leathery skin that vary in shades of gray, green and brown. Each head has a forked tongue that speaks in a hissing voice. They have sharp teeth and can deliver a paralysing toxin in their bite. They are carnivorous and like to eat their prey while it still lives. It is not uncommon for a Grarl to eat its enemy, not only one who is a member of another species but even another Grarl.

Grarl are strong and agile, with high constitutions. Their leathery skin acts as a natural armour. However they are dim witted creatures and not very perceptive.

The average Grarl lives for about fifty to sixty years. They do not age outwardly merely becoming clumsier and duller witted with age. They are egg-laying hermaphrodites and either of a pair of mated Grarl may become fertile and lay viable eggs.

Culture and Religion

Grarl are harsh and violent creatures that lack finesse and prize might over mind. They make fierce warriors and have a high tolerance for pain.

The Grarl worship almost exclusively a deity known as Yigga, the Swamp God. They will often make sacrifices to Yigga before battle to ensure victory over their enemies.

The Grarl eat their dead, believing that in doing so they consume a part of the deceased soul and therefore some of his knowledge and power.