The Ginnokegawa are a species native to the Silver Mountains, a northen Mountain region in the continent of Tsukinotochi. They form groups of nomadic packs that roam the mountains.


Ginnokegawa are huge ape-like beings. They stand betwen ten and fifteen feet tall and are covered in silver fur that reflects light so strongly that when standing still a Ginnokegawa becomes a living mirror. Not only are they tall, but they are also stocky and extreemly strong. They are quite intelligent creatures.

The average Ginnokegawa lives for about one hundred and fifty to two hundred years. They do not age outwardly merely becoming clumsier and duller witted with age.

Culture and Religion

Despite their giant ape like appearance, Ginnokegawa are quite pacifistic creatures. They will only fight when necessary and only kill in absolutely extreme situations. They tend to stay in the Silver Mountains where they group together in nomadic tribes, usually herding mountain animals such as the goat like hōboku-jū or the sheep like tsunoarudōbutsu.

Occasionally they will enter Tsukinokodomotachi terratory where they will find sanctuary working with the local shogun as builders and labourers.

Ginnokegawa appear to have to religion but they do treat all life as sacred and the taking of life for any reason is considered to be the worst thing another sentient being could do.