The Arboria are a race of short green skinned people who inhabit the equator region of Khlem. They build small settlements in the giant hullak trees in the great forest of Fey Mal.


Arboria are short, about 4 to 5 feet tall. They have slender bodies with pale green skin. They are hairless except for their head hair which ranges from black, through rich brown, to a very dark green. They have black, brown or amber eyes. They have long arms and legs which make them very effective at climbing and leaping from tree to tree. Their legs also have prehensile toes which means they can grip things with their feet. They have acute hearing, having long pointed ears and they are able to see in very low light conditions.

An average Arboria has a life span of about one hundered to one hundred and fifty years. They are dextrous and stealthy but have silghtly lower constitutions than, say, an Adulon. Their strength, however, does not wither with age. Only their eyes betray their age by losing their vibrancy.