The Adulon are a race of fair-skinned people who inhabit the mid northern region of Khlem. The Onyx city of Jarus is in Adulon territory and under Adulon rule.


Adulon tend to be fairly tall, muscular bodied with hair colourations varying between black and light blonde. Some may have coppery coloured hair also. They all have fairly pale skin and eye colouration is predominantly blue or green. Their features resemble the Germanic peoples of Earth.

An average Adulon has a life span of about eighty to ninety years. They are quite strong and sharp witted people with high constitutions and resistance to toxins. Their strength withers greatly with age, as does the colour of their hair (which turns gray). Their intellect, however, remains as sharp as ever.

Culture and Religion

Adulon make skilled riders. Their mount of choice are the Kanlax, horse-like creatures that roam the northwestern plains of Khlem. They build cities of stone and villages of wood, neither of which is ever far from a river or a forest.

Adulon worship centers mainly around the founders, beings thought to have been responsible for all sentient races on Nah-Kalia. It is not known if the founders were ordinary men and women, or if they were beings of a different form. It is said that they came from the stars, bringing with them the first of the races to settle on Nah-Kalia.

Most Adulons hold quite personal ceremonies in prayer to the founders. They turn to them for guidance in times of need, and sometimes congregate in small temples dedicated to them.

The Adulon bury their dead in great stone coffins placed in burial mounds under hills. They believe that one day, if the knowledge of the founders can be obtained, the dead could be made to return to their earthly bodies and leave their sleeping places to inhabit the land once more.